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Welcome to TCSAAL!

Texas’ state wide academic & athletic league!

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School expectations:

A participating school will be expected to provide a coach, a team in which all students have passing grades, and a positive attitude. A school will ensure that their fans maintain strong sportsman-like conduct that promotes positive attitudes.

TCSAAL expectations:

TCSAAL will provide organized state wide academic and athletic competitions for Texas’ Charter Schools.

TCSAAL will provide facilities and referees for activities. TCSAAL will also host playoff’s in Austin for each activity where teams & participants will play to become the state champion and receive a championship trophy.


It is the goal of TCSAAL to eventually have different level leagues in the same age group, but in this first year due to limited resources and in the spirit of “everybody plays,” TCSAAL will allow multiple teams from the same school to enter in the first season.

Refund Policy:

If a specific sport league does not make for ex. 9th -12th flag football your charter school will be refunded in full. If you have registered for an activity and choose to cancel your registration your charter school will be charged with a 50% service fee for activities canceled. If you cancel within 30 days to the start of the activity you will be charged the entire amount. Effective as of April 15, 2008.

Cost: View registration form for participation cost.