Texas Charter School Academic & Athletic League

General Eligibility Requirements


         No pass no play

         A student must be under the age of 19 as of September 1, 2010 to be eligible to participate

         Any student can play up in age but they cannot play down.

         A student cannot play on multiple teams in the same activity. For example a 6th 8th grader may play on either the 6th 8th grade team or the high school team but not both. Also if your school for example has 2, 6th - 8th grade flag football teams a student will not be allowed to play on both teams.

         Final team rosters are due before the start of the second half of your season. No changes to rosters will be allowed after the final rosters are due

         Girls are eligible to participate in all boys sports


For other rules please see the specific activities rules.




If you have any questions please contact TCSAAL