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The Texas Charter School Academic & Athletic League works to aid the individual growth of  Texas' charter school students, by using  academic and athletic competition, to promote teamwork a healthy lifestyle and the constant pursuit for  academic excellence.


TCSAAL will develop and maintain annual sport leagues and academic competitions as a venue to showcase charter school students in Texas.

Concussion Prevention

Compliance with HB No. 2038


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This past session the Texas Legislature passed House Bill No 2038. The bill deals with concussion prevention and safety. The bill requires in many cases that UIL establish the content that is required to comply with House Bill 2038.  Since UIL was given the task of establishing the compliance content, many of the forms required will be UIL focused and will have lots of content that does not apply to your school or our league. Please realize that you are still supposed to fill out/follow the information below. And that it is required for all public schools participating in interscholastic activities in the state of Texas including the schools participating in TCSAAL. I understand that the content will be confusing to many people since it is UIL specific but the Legislature has deemed it that way. Please inform your parents that many of the content included will not apply to them or TCSAAL activities but that they still need to fill out all forms. We do not recommend that anybody alter the documents without first consulting with their legal counsel. Filling out the forms as is should satisfy all requirements.

Please start by reading the Memorandum below to obtain a better understanding of the bill and it's requirements. If you have any questions please contact us.

Links & Documents

Please note that complying with House Bill No. 2038 is required by your school whether or not you participate in TCSAAL or any other league or simply have games with other schools on your own. If your school chooses to participate in a athletic event against other schools on your own or within a league you would have to comply with HB 2038.


Links / Documents Information
HB No. 2038 The link will send you to the bill as passed into law and signed by the governor.
TCSAAL Memorandum on HB No. 2038

This memorandum is designed to help schools understand the requirements of HB 2038.  This memorandum does not provide legal advice.  Schools should seek out the advice of their own legal counsel as they work to comply with HB 2038.

Annual Concussion Awareness Form

Annual form to be filled out by each participating athlete.

The UIL did not approve a stand-alone form, but included the required approved language in its complete acknowledgment of rules form.  Clearly not every rule in that form applies to TCSAAL activities.  However, it is the form approved by the UIL. (“UIL Approved Form”) We recommend you consult your school’s legal counsel should you want to modify the form. 

The form needs to be returned to the schools designee to keep on file.

UIL Parent Informational Manual Information that explains concussion prevention, symptoms, treatment, and oversight and that includes guidelines for safely resuming participation in an athletic activity following a concussion can be found in the  University Interscholastic League Parent Information Manual  2011 2012.

The health and Safety section begins on page 20.

This must be read by every athlete and guardian before signing the Annual Concussion Awareness Form.

Training Information (Coming Soon)  
Return To Play Form When a student suffers a concussion or concussion like symptoms they must follow all requirements of the linked form to return to play.



Please check back here regularly for updates on House Bill No. 2038